Took my daughters to Dr. Pruneski’s two weeks ago. It was my 3yo’s, first dentist appointment and let me tell you that SHE LOVED IT. My 8 year old daughter loved it too. Alexis (my 8 yo) said that her “tooth cleaning lady was awesome, I got to help hold the water sucker and she showed me everything and how it works”. I was with my 3yo and the lady was absolutely wonderful with CC. She made her laugh and she allowed her also to hold the “water sucker” tool and let her feel every tool she had. When we left the girls got to pick out a prize from the treasure chest (which I might add is AWESOME!!!!). Dr. Pruneski saw both of my girls and was such a wonderful lady with the BEST bedside manner. She calmed me down when I found out the kids had cavities and she was very open on all issues with their teeth. No long waiting for your appointments either. The waiting room was such a nice place (loved the coffee pot and fridge with bottled water), the kids Loved that they had toys to play with. I just want to refer everyone here because you won’t regret it. The front desk was very nice also and I had no problems with the insurance stuff because they notified me before hand if I was in network or out of network and the referrals they gave me for the braces and for CC to get a filling were taken care of for me. THEY ARE AWESOME. Thanks Valerie for the referral!!

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