Clean mouth, healthy body

Every day our team of hygienists and I talk to our patients about the importance of oral hygiene. The mouth contains an abundance of bacteria, some of which cause tooth decay and some that lead to periodontal disease. Research has shown that periodontal disease is linked to overall health issues such as cardiovascular disease and stroke. People with diabetes and women who are pregnant are also at greater risk for developing periodontal disease. Here are some things you can do to stay healthy in between dental visits:

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes at least twice a day. Make sure to swap out your worn out toothbrush for a new one every 3 months. An electric toothbrush- such as Philips Sonicare- is an excellent way to remove the most plaque and bacteria at home.

Floss or use another device to clean between your teeth daily. For those of you who really struggle to floss, a Philips Air Floss is a nice alternative. This device blasts water or mouthwash between your teeth with a quick burst of air.

Choose products with the ADA seal of approval when you are picking out toothpaste or mouthwash. This ensures that you will get a safe and effective product.

If you are diabetic or pregnant, come in for a dental cleaning more frequently. Studies have shown diabetic patients with periodontal disease have a more difficult time controlling blood sugar and pregnant patients with periodontal disease are at risk for having premature delivery or low birth weight babies.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, don’t let your oral health go by the wayside. From all of us at Whispering Pines Dental, we want to wish you and your family happy holidays and a prosperous new year. We look forward to seeing you in our office in 2012!

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