I was “one of the not so lucky people” who was a patient of Allcare. I was scheduled for my first try-in of my dentures (I had paid out $2000 to Allcare on December 1, 2010) I was scheduled for my try-in, only when I arrived there was a hand written note attached to the front door, “The office is permanently closed”. I was so upset and didn’t know what I was going to do. My boss suggested I go to see Dr. Pruneski. I made an appointment within a week to see Dr. Pruneski. She is a gem! I explained my situation and I really needed to get new dentures, the old ones were hurting my gums so bad. She said, “Don’t worry, WE will get you through this”. She is a woman of her word, I’m here to say every visit I made, was on time, little to no waiting. The atmosphere in the office is WONDERFUL. Everyone is very knowledgeable, understanding and caring in this office. I don’t know of any other dentist office I have been in where it’s so friendly and relaxed. I have been and will continue to tell everyone I know, “If you have any type of dental problem or emergency, Dr. Pruneski will help you get through it!” Dr. Pruneski is simply the best dentist I have ever seen!!! Thank you Dr. Pruneski for giving me, “my smile back and I love it”!!!

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